5 tips to improve your computer skills today

Looking to deepen your computer knowledge? Here are five tips to help you get started.

Accelerated digitization has created a world where computer literacy is not optional. You need to increase your knowledge and understanding of computers to actively participate in the work environment or daily life.

All businesses have digital components, and you cannot avoid computer skills to interact with banks, health workers and all other services. Also, improving your computer skills can help you get promoted at work. Whatever the reason, continuing education on computers is something you should consider.

The easiest route to becoming tech-savvy is to enroll in a computer science education, but if you missed that train, there are plenty of ways to improve your computer literacy today.

Why is computer knowledge essential?

Being better at the computer is key to understanding how things work. You can detect potential online security issues more easily and use powerful software tools to work more efficiently.

You can also find an abundance of different content online if you know where to look. A quality streaming service may not be available in your area and you can use VPN knowledge. You can visit iGaming content on the market leader mr green platform for example, and use the platform more effectively. Knowing where to find information can be essential if you need troubleshooting or a tutorial. Here are five tips to get better with the computer

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Improve your computer skills

Detect your weak points

Are you struggling with basic computer, email, and navigation, or are you looking for a serious upgrade in your programming language skills? Determining the level of your computer skills is the first step towards finding an appropriate framework to improve yourself.

Find an online course

The internet is full of free and paid online courses. For example, you can visit platforms like Udemy or Coursera to find computer knowledge or even browse free MIT courses if you want an in-depth program that would improve your computer skills.

These courses can be for beginners or you can find more advanced programs which can significantly boost your skills and help you grow professionally.

Youtube Tutorials

If you are aiming lower and need basic improvements in software like MS Office 365, online tutorials and blog posts may be the best way to go. You can find countless quality videos on streaming platforms like YouTube for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other office tools. You can also get crucial advice for email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird and all other software used in daily life and at the main business level.

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Join the online community

Don’t back down, even if it’s hard to understand new things. Computer literacy can be intimidating for users who don’t have prior experience behind the keyboard. Instead, join an online community like Reddit, Facebook groups, or other outlets where you can find all the information. Groups have strict rules and usually focus on helping people on the subject. Follow the forum rules and you will be rewarded with answers to your questions.


Whichever path you choose, you will need to practice. Getting around Windows 11 can be daunting for newbies, but spend some time browsing the system and you’ll slowly get used to it.

The same applies to improve spreadsheet skills. Watching tutorials or reading an informative blog post won’t help you if you don’t back it up with practice. Create an Excel or Google spreadsheet. You can use real data you need help with in your home or business and practice your skills on real examples.

You can do this for more advanced skills. For example, if you like Java programming, building an app can test your progress. You can create a home media server on a NAS device as homework for your networking class, or there are plenty of ways to practice what you’ve learned. Don’t neglect practice, whether you’re doing a quiz or a lab.

Donald E. Patel