Access Group supports SMEs through the transfer of knowledge, technology

KUALA LUMPUR: Access Group, a leading provider of business management software and solutions, has provided constant support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the transfer of knowledge and technological know-how to remain resilient amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Azlan Ahmad, sales manager for startups and small businesses, said the company educates small businesses and provides solutions to help SMEs gain productivity through digitalization.

“We provide business management software solutions that include cloud services and business automation tools.

“These can be used to foster powerful collaboration and understanding between organizations by reducing laborious tasks so businesses are able to make better data-driven decisions,” he told Bernama.

Azlan said Access Group has helped SMEs to apply for the SME Digitization Grant provided by Malaysia Digital Economy Corp to help them on their digitization journey.

Under the grant, the first 100,000 eligible SMEs will receive a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000.

“We have already helped some companies adopt this incentive and completed their digitalization journey.

“It allows companies to take direct action in acquiring and implementing digital solutions, as the grant has a list of approved vendors, including ours at Access Group,” he said.

Meanwhile, Azlan said Access Group will release various software solutions in the second quarter of 2022, namely Access EasyPay, Access People Human Resource (HR), Access Employee Self Service and Access Workspace.

He said Access Group People HR will be available this month to help companies manage their workforce with a centralized and automated HR solution.

“It will greatly help companies in decision-making, managing the recruitment process, employee engagement, as well as reducing paperwork and repetitive data entry.

“Access Group People HR is highly effective at performance management, helping every employee reach their full potential and building teams that work together towards goals that really matter to the organization,” he said.

On Malaysia’s outlook, Azlan said the company will positively contribute to the country’s digitalization and technological acceleration.

“We are confident about our outlook for Malaysia as we view it as an opportune time for greater digital adoption as we reinvent business processes and build resilience post-pandemic.

“We are looking to tap into the SME market which accounts for 97.2% of Malaysia’s total business establishments,” he added.

Access Group entered Malaysia in June 2021 through the partial acquisition of Sage’s software business.

It has a strong presence in the UK with 37 offices.

Donald E. Patel