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No matter what you think of the Internet, given its various potentially negative social effects, one thing is undeniable: it is a huge database of human knowledge. Not since the Library of Alexandria has there been a greater treasure trove of collective wisdom available to virtually anyone. But how do you access this information? How can you use the Internet to learn an instrument? Or learn to stop procrastinating? Well, that’s exactly what The Insider School aims to do.

Currently, new students can get unlimited lifetime access to the Insider School for only $19. This database includes 26 courses and almost 40 hours of online training on very valuable life topics. The combined value of all the lessons in this course is almost $1,000 (that’s a savings of 98%).

The Insider School is here to revolutionize the way people learn from society’s collective knowledge. The Insider School philosophy is that everything you might need to know to deal with any problem in life has been written in books. But combing through all those books could take a lifetime. The insider school digests the books and breaks them down into actionable lessons that you can use as valuable life hacks.

Insider School was founded by Brandon Hakim. After graduating from university ten years ago, Mr. Hakim discovered a learning technique known as “Insider Learning”. This technique helped him digest the information contained in more than 1,000 books. Now he wants to give people the education they won’t find in universities. By bringing them “insider secrets”, they can use them as valuable life hacks. Since dedicating his life to sharing these secrets with others, over 140,000 people have taken Mr. Hakim’s courses online and he has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

If you’re feeling stuck in life or looking to complete your education, now is the time to access the collective wisdom of thousands of books with unlimited lifetime access to The Insider School for $19.

Prices subject to change.

Donald E. Patel