Acuity Knowledge Partners closes talent gap amid big resignation, now approaching 5,000 employees for 20th anniversary

India Business WireToday, Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity), a leading provider of research, analytics and technology solutions tailored to the financial services industry, is proud to provide an update on its growth journey. during the first half of 2022, on 20e anniversary year. The pandemic has caused unprecedented upheavals in labor markets and shortages of skilled professionals in the financial services sector. Increasingly, Acuity is seen as part of the solution to this problem and other industry needs. Acuity now expects to exceed 5,000 employees worldwide by the end of the year. This would mean that the company has doubled in size over the past few years.

“Following the highs of 2021, where we significantly exceeded our business growth targets, Acuity has seen that growth continue to accelerate in 2022,” said Robert King, President and CEO of Acuity Knowledge Partners. “We have strong customer retention and are regularly adding new customers in key business units and markets. To this end, Acuity is expanding its international presence by opening its first office in the Middle East, in Dubai. There is a growing demand for our services around the world. Acuity continues to help its customers navigate an unpredictable global environment. From finding avenues for operational efficiencies and improvements to supporting business model transformation, Acuity is focused on how best to serve its rapidly growing global customer base.

To serve these customers, Acuity continues to steadily grow its software and managed solutions business through its Business Excellence Automation Tools (BEAT) platform. Recently, Acuity unveiled FolioSure, which enables accurate monitoring and comparison of portfolio company performance, enabling private equity and venture capital (PE&VC) firms to take full control of their portfolio lifecycles, with easy integration into existing technology platforms. Soon, the company will unveil a new generation of its suite of SaaS products for the investment banking industry. This is in addition to existing offerings for the lending industry, such as CovenantPulse, an automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, provides early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality, and generates analytics. Covenant Advances, and CreditReport Pulse, which provides automated credit reports, customized to reflect a bank’s credit DNA. More than 25% of Acuity customers now use BEAT digital tools and applications, alongside expert Acuity analysts for research and analysis tasks.

With all the significant technology and customer advancements Acuity has made in recent times, the health and well-being of its employees remains the company’s top priority. Recently, Acuity introduced a new healthcare and insurance coverage for its employees and dependents in India, which maximizes coverage and hospital costs. Acuity has also implemented an inclusive healthcare plan that covers LGBTQ partners as part of the definition of family.

“Diversity and inclusion are core to Acuity’s business values, and as a global organization, the company takes tremendous pride in fostering diversity and ensuring meaningful inclusion in all corporate offices. said Avadhesh Dixit, Director of Human Resources, Acuity Knowledge Partners. . “As we approach 5,000 employees and move towards 10,000 employees worldwide, we are working harder than ever to create a positive work environment where all opinions, thoughts, backgrounds and experiences are equally respected and valued. .”

Acuity also makes financial commitments to its employees. The company will pay an advance bonus to staff for the second consecutive year, a recognition of the global team’s efforts to drive continued success and growth. Additionally, to help employees weather the unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka, Acuity has introduced new benefit programs and various other measures to support its growing staff based in Colombo.

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About Acuity Knowledge Partners

Acuity Knowledge Partners is a leading research, analytics and business intelligence consultant to the financial services industry. The company’s network of analysts and industry experts, combined with cutting-edge data and technology, helps more than 420 financial institutions and advisory firms around the world operate more efficiently and unleash their human capital, increase their revenues and transform their operations. It specializes in investment banking, investment research, private equity, advisory and commercial lending. Acuity is headquartered in London and operates from nine locations around the world. In 2019, the company was created as a separate business from Moody’s Corporation through its acquisition from Equistone Partners.

Acuity Knowledge Partners closes talent gap amid big resignation, now approaching 5,000 employees for 20th anniversary

Acuity Knowledge Partners closes talent gap amid big resignation, now approaching 5,000 employees for 20th anniversary

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