Ayurveda, Vastu, astronomy among research proposals selected by AICTE Indian Knowledge Systems

Ayurveda, Darshanas, Vastu Vidya, Tribal Knowledge Base are among the selected research proposals from all over India to be supported by the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) division of the Ministry of Education of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) . A total of 13 entries were shortlisted, including Kalaripayattu, Dance Traditions, Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Literature and Food Traditions of Northeast India.

The IKS Division received 120 proposals from institutions across the country to set up IKS Centers and after rigorous peer review of the proposals, 13 were selected for funding. Selected proposals will be funded up to Rs 40 Lakhs over two years.

AICTE also received 361 research proposals from institutions across the country, but after rigorous peer review of the proposals, 14 proposals were selected for funding in six areas, including mathematics and astronomy, metallurgy and materials science and technology, chemical science and technology, health, wellness and consciousness studies, political and economic thought, economics and foreign policy, and arts and culture.

In addition, seven proposals were selected as IKS research proposals from the center’s applications. Proposals will be funded up to Rs 20 Lakhs over two years. The grants will encourage original, serious and thorough scientific research in the IKS.

Congratulating the winners, Prof. Anil Sahashrabudhe, President of AICTE, said, “I must congratulate all universities, colleges and faculty members for being selected. The great vision of the IKS division of the AICTE Ministry of Education is to initiate a process of forming generations of scholars who will show society the “Indian way” of being, knowing and doing the things. If we are to become the knowledge leader of this century and become the ‘Vishswavaguru’ again, we must regain a deep knowledge of our heritage and demonstrate the ‘Indian way’ of doing things to the world.

The main objective of these initiatives is to promote research, education and awareness in the field of IKS at different levels by providing academics and institutions working in related fields with the opportunity to institutionalize research and l education on the IKS.

Selected IKS center proposals

S.NO IKS center name Institution
1 IKS-Chanakya University Center of Excellence Chanakya University
2 Center for Ancient History and Culture Jain University, Bangalore
3 IKS Center for Kalaripayattu and Siddhar Tradition Trinity College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram
4 Noopura Bhramari, Bangalore Noopura Bhramari (R.)
5 Samvit Research Foundation Samvit Research Foundation
6 IKS at IITBHU Vararanasi IITBHU Varanasi
7 IIT Madras Center for Indian Knowledge Systems IIT Madras
8 Bharatiya Darshan Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek
9 Vastuvidya gurukulam Department of Culture, Government of Kerala
ten AMRITA IKS Center for Ayurveda, Vyakarana and Darshana Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
11 IKS Center at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi
12 CTKI – Center for Traditional Knowledge and Informatics Transdisciplinary Institute of Health Sciences
13 Center for Indian Knowledge Systems – With Special Reference to Northeastern Studies University of Assam, Silchar

Selected research proposals

S. No Project title IP name
1 Demarcation of Ramakatha by Samvaada Dr M Vishwanath
2 Production of colored cotton using ancient chemical formulations taken from the Sanskrit text Vishvavallabha Dr Sharatkumar Variyar
3 Survey of traditional iron monuments of Central India and understanding of their metallurgical origins Eswara Prasad Korimilli
4 Development of Fe-based composite materials mimicking the structure of Delhi iron pillars Dr. Santosh S. Hosmani
5 An in-depth study geared towards the rejuvenation of the traditional Sanskrit purana katha akhyana traditions of Kerala Pathakam and Chakyar koothu Sreekanth V
6 Demonstration and reproduction with scientific validation of certain systems of knowledge of ceramic materials of ancient India Professor Rajiv Prakash
7 A study and adaptation of ancient Indian technologies of alloy processing and metallurgy for self-healing and gradient structure applications Dr Somashekara MA
8 Development and characterization of a new Vajra Lep metallic coating Dr Vinod Kumar
9 Mathematical modeling and study of the vibratory and sound characteristics of Indian musical instruments with bowed strings Dr Ashok Kumar Mandal
ten Correlation studies of copper artifacts (2500-200 BCE) from the Varanasi region and copper mining and smelting in the Singhbhum tribal areas Chandan Upadhyay
11 Hita and Sukha Ayu Well-Being Well-Being and Happiness Index Dr Mala Kapadia
12 Nyanjanam Indian Logic Aid Tool Dr Munish Kumar Mishra
13 Yoga and Ayurveda Knowledge Engine based wellness technology with wearable and mobile app Adinarayanan V
14 A survey of the water resources of the Vidarbha region based on the Indian system of Dakargala Pr Prasad Gokhale
15 Center for Shaastric Studies in Law Teacher. (Dr.) Himanshu Pandey
16 NIAS IKS Center on Mathematics, Computation and Information Science Shailaja D Sharma
17 IKS Siksha O Anusandhan Center Nachiketa Khamari Sharma
18 Early Science Technology Engineering Education and Mathematics ESTEEM of India Research Center Ashish Karn
19 IKS Center for Avadhanakala and Consciousness Studies, Rishihood University Sampadananda Mishra
20 Dharana – REVA University IKS Center Dr Vidya Kumari S
21 In Vitro Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Antioxidant Activity and Antiproliferative Properties of Some Native Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines Used by Some Tribal Groups of Andhra Pradesh Kattimani TV teacher

The IKS Centers Program is designed to encourage and fund the establishment of IKS Centers across the country to catalyze original research, education and dissemination of IKS knowledge.

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Donald E. Patel