California DMV now lets people take driver’s knowledge test online

Prospective drivers dreading long waits at the DMV now have a new option: they can take the driver knowledge test at home.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles announcement Thursday that it now allows people who need to take a driver’s license knowledge test to complete the requirement online at home before visiting a DMV office.

For those renewing a license with a knowledge test requirement, they can either complete a remote version of the traditional knowledge test or take an interactive e-learning course.

After completing the driving license application online and paying the fee, residents will be asked to choose distance exam or e-learning course.

The remote exam is available to Californians renewing their license, adults getting their license for the first time who do not have a California ID card, and Californians getting a REAL ID or driver’s license. motorcycle for the first time.

The e-learning course, however, is only for Californians who are renewing their license.

DMV officials say choosing an online testing option will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a transaction at a DMV office.

Customers will still need to visit an office after completing the online test in order to provide the required documents, take a photo, provide a fingerprint, take a vision test and receive a license document.

The online knowledge test is intended for customers with internet access and a computer or laptop with a webcam, and is available in 35 languages. People cannot take the test on their phone or tablet.

To make sure people aren’t cheating, those taking their home tests will need to verify their identity and agree to be monitored throughout the exam.

The test can be attempted twice online. If someone does not pass the test after two tries, they will need to go to a DMV office to take the test a third time.

The new interactive e-learning course can be taken on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device and is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Users should complete seven interactive modules that include quizzes. The course lasts approximately 45 minutes and is currently only available in English.

The DMV says the course is ideal for people who need to renew their license and have trouble with exams or prefer an alternative learning method.

Donald E. Patel