Canada’s newest ESG company is working with leading companies and Indigenous knowledge keepers to eliminate over 7 million tonnes of CO2 by 2050

OTTAWA, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT), a leading and innovative ESG company that leverages natural solutions to combat climate change, has secured several key partners in its bid to build thousands of forests in Canada. The company combines proven techniques with learning from Indigenous knowledge keepers and innovative forest management tools to maximize efficiency and bring Canada closer to net zero.

“As CFT expands its forest footprint across Canada, these partnerships will be critical to our success given the volume and variety we plan to plant,” said Gary Zed, CEO, Canada Forest Trust. “Much of the planning is devoted to growing healthy Smart Forests™ that not only optimize carbon sequestration, but also provide economic, social and environmental benefits.”

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to counting CFT’s reforestation efforts among the 5 billion trees our team has grown to date,” said Rob Miller, President and CEO. , PRT. “We are proud to partner with CFT to build Canadian forests that are climate-adaptive, resilient and diverse.

Brinkman Reforestation, Canada’s largest tree planting company, already responsible for planting over 1.5 billion trees, will provide and manage the professional labor needed to reforest the land. “There has never been a more important time to build forests. With 50 years and billions of trees planted, Brinkman is ready to partner with CFT to realize its ambitious plans,” says Judi Tetro, COO, Brinkman Reforestation Ltd.

And state-of-the-art technology, from a Canadian software company Remsoft, will be used to optimize the resources and asset management of CFT’s Smart Forests. “Remsoft’s data-driven forest intelligence software will help CFT plan and make effective decisions, track progress, and recalibrate as necessary to ensure the long-term health of each smart forest,” said Andrea Feunekes. , CEO, Remsoft.

Since its inception, CFT has worked to ensure that Indigenous knowledge of the land is applied to its forest construction initiatives. Using traditional ecological knowledge, Indigenous monitoring, Indigenous supply chains and labor in collaboration with our partners is paramount. “This knowledge is essential to ensure that our forests are planted and protected properly,” says JP Gladu, Chairman of CFT’s Board of Directors and former CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. “CFT’s commitment to building relationships with Indigenous communities will help strengthen the Indigenous economy and, at the same time, fight climate change with the most natural solution to global warming: forests.

About the Canada Forest Trust
Founded by businessman and philanthropist Gary Zed, CFT offers all Canadians the opportunity to reduce their climate impact through forest construction:

  • Tailored ESG programs enable companies of all sizes to meet their obligations to shareholders, customers and employees.
  • A national school curriculum featuring engagement and educational tools designed to tackle climate change and resources to help young people tackle climate anxiety. The program also offers paid internships, summer jobs and scholarships to encourage young people to consider forestry and other nature-based careers.
  • Impact investing opportunities for families and individuals.

Over the past two years, CFT has built its proprietary programs and tools based on focus group testing with business leaders, school administrators, youth, and industry experts including foresters, climatologists and economists. He is delighted with his collaboration with the Ferguson Forest Center Corporation (FFCC)who oversees the Ferguson nursery.

“The Ferguson Nursery is a unique facility that produces millions of seedlings, but will also serve as a center of excellence for CFT’s initiatives. Its Future Forester program will highlight post-secondary education in forestry and the wide variety of rewarding job opportunities in the forestry profession. We are excited to co-develop a program with CFT that scales our infrastructure and is a place where young people can come together and get their hands in the ground and their feet on the ground,” said Carl Doucette, President. Ferguson Forestry Center Society.


Canada’s Forest Trust (CFT) is a leading ESG company offering a nature-based solution to achieving net zero by building Smart Forests™. With our proprietary tools and in collaboration with Forest Stewards (companies, schools, organizations, communities and individuals), CFT is well on its way to sourcing, preparing, planting, preserving and protecting millions of hectares of forests worldwide. The CFT will sequester tens of millions of tons of carbon. Our Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest built by CFT is expertly managed and monitored and will never be clear cut. Smart forests sequester CO2, rehabilitate ecosystems, learn from indigenous land knowledge keepers and drive the green economy. Smart forests are smart investments. Canada Forest Trust website

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