Challenge your friends and show off your Marvel knowledge on Instagram with the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge

What is Fantastic Four postman Willie Lumpkin’s superpower? What is Marc Spector’s alter ego? What colors were used for the original Daredevil costume? What is the name of the Shi’ar homeworld? You can now test your Marvel knowledge and share with your friends on Instagram with the new Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge!

Developed by etermax, the free to play Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge invites fans across the United States to test their knowledge of all things Marvel and show their friends and followers who the expert is.

etermax, the global technology company behind global hits like Trivia Crack and Word Crack, is teaming up with Marvel Entertainment to bring a free quiz experience to Instagram. As Trivia Crack’s first-ever co-branded entertainment trivia filter, the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge adapts globally acclaimed trivia dynamics with augmented reality technology and unique new categories from the Marvel Universe with more 300 questions to start. Superpowers, secret identities, heroes, villains and locations from across the Marvel Universe are put to the test in the six categories of the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge. NOTNew content is expected to be added in the coming months to keep fans amused as the Marvel Universe continues to expand.

How to play?

Fans access the free filter in Marvel’s Instagram profile and start registering to spin the wheel until they get their randomly selected category. The question will appear above their heads with two possible answers that fans can choose between by moving their head to the right or left. The challenge will continue until they don’t respond, when the experiment finishes showing their score. Then they can share their recordings on Instagram Stories and show their followers how they did it and if they are indeed an expert in the Marvel Universe.

Donald E. Patel