Chris Pine shows off Dungeons and Dragons knowledge before the movie

Chris Pine showed off his knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons ahead of her starring role in the upcoming film.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, which is currently in full swing, he spoke to digital spy and other media at Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Thieves panel on his nephew’s love for acting and what made him sign on for the role.

“So I was not a big team hero. My nephew is 13, [he] is a huge player. [He] writes his own games and plays weekly. And actually, when I talked to John and Jonathan about doing this, they were like ‘just let me tell you to send you a gift package, whatever you need’,” he said. said.

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He also talked about the experience of playing the game with his family.

“I told my nephew about it. And I said ‘why don’t you come, we’ll open it together’, and to see his eyes or this little treasure chest open and go more and more big,” he added. continued, “I knew something was wrong, and then we decided to get my whole family into a play to be a part of it with her dungeon masters.

“And it was an amazing thing to see my whole family light up in that particular way, and I hadn’t seen that happen on a daily basis in years, from you know my dad who didn’t really want to play, my sister thought it was a bit of a pain to see how, you know, how it slowly snowballed and everyone was super happy, really excited.

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“Then three hours later you completely forgot about that. You know, they either want 10 minutes before or whatever. And so yeah, it was just a surprise to me that I didn’t really find it until 42 years old or whatever. … I had this idea. It’s like there’s a game like in high school, I thought it should be played in every high school or school across the country, or should l be, it should be D&D.

“It’s like, you can have the bully and the sportsman and of course still speak in terms of general purpose, you know, all in one room and I guarantee you in 20 minutes no one will remember which guy class, you know, they came from, really their best friends are, who the assholes are and all that,” he added.

“They just want to play and laugh, and I saw that so distinctly and so clearly. It just started with such a big world. And one energy I wanted to put into the world is to spread the gospel of D&D.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves hits theaters on March 3, 2023.

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