Franz’s Gruff 8.1 brings visual knowledge graphs to web pages

No-code chart queries and dynamic chart visualizations are now possible in any web application

Franz Inc., a leading artificial intelligence (AI) innovator and leading provider of graph database technology to Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions, announced Gruff 8.1, an advanced graph visualization software tool for knowledge that can be embedded into any web page or web application. . Users can now visually create queries and visualize connections between business data directly in a web page or web application, enabling a simple and seamless knowledge discovery experience.

“The ability to visualize data has become essential for every organization, in every industry,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “Gruff’s dynamic data visualizations allow a wide range of users to determine information they would otherwise miss by displaying data in a way that they can see the importance of the information related to a business problem or solution.Gruff 8.1 makes it easy to integrate these knowledge graph visualizations into applications. Web or Web pages, which further extends the power of enterprise data structure.

Gruff, which is available as a browser-based application or pre-integrated in AllegroGraph, is a no-code visual query application that allows users to create visual knowledge graphs that display data relationships in driven views by the user. Gruff’s visual query builder allows novice and expert users to create simple to very complex queries without writing code. Gruff’s unique “Time Machine” feature gives users the ability to explore temporal context and connections within data.

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“Gruff makes it easy to embed unique knowledge graph visualizations into web applications or web pages, further extending the power of the enterprise data structure.”

— Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc.

Built-in guff

Gruff 8.1 can be embedded on any web page for use in web application or website. By integrating Gruff, developers can create applications that include graphical visualization as part of the user interface. Visualizations can be customized to fit specific user experience, data relationships, or business requirements.

Developers can simply embed Gruff in an HTML iframe to allow a reader to use it in a webpage. Standard browser commands can be used to zoom the entire application. An advanced feature also allows a web application to send custom commands to Gruff. For example, an application can derive a set of triplets that it wants Gruff to display, and then send those triplets to Gruff.

Query Selection Dialog

Special dialogs appear in Gruff 8.1 when saving or loading a SPARQL query, chart query, or layout. The dialog displays descriptive information about each file and allows the user to filter the list of choices in different ways to make it easier to locate the desired file. Saved files will know which triplestore they work with and only those will be listed by default.

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Comment Nodes

Users can now add comment nodes in the Gruff 8.1 graphical query view to explain the entire query or particular parts of the query. Just add a node that displays a comment somewhere in the graphical query diagram, which has no effect on the generated textual query. It is possible to add any number of comment nodes to a query and position them near relevant parts of the diagram or describe the complete query.

Dynamic graph visualizations in AllegroGraph

Gruff is fully integrated with AllegroGraph, Franz’s leading semantic knowledge graph solution, which seamlessly leverages advanced graph visualizations and Gruff’s graph query builder to reveal hidden connections in knowledge graph data. AllegroGraph, with FedShard™, is a revolutionary Knowledge Graph solution that enables infinite data integration through a patented approach that unifies all data and knowledge base silos into one Entity-Event Knowledge Graph solution that can support massive analyzes of big data. AllegroGraph uses unique federated partitioning capabilities that generate 360 ​​degree insights and enable complex reasoning on distributed knowledge graphs.

Graph database adoption is set to skyrocket

Industry analysts predict that the graph database market will experience skyrocketing adoption over the next few years. In a SiliconANGLE 2022 analyst forecast interview, IDC Research Vice President Carl Olofson said, “I see the graph database as the next truly game-changing database management technology. Olofson said he expects the graph database market to “grow about 600% over the next 10 years.” He listed a wide range of use cases for graphs, including: “entity resolution, data lineage, social media analytics, 360 client, fraud prevention, cybersecurity… supply chain is important. There’s explainable AI and that’s going to become important as a lot of people are adopting AI. Then we have data governance, data compliance, risk management. We have recommendations, we have personalization, anti-money laundering, that’s another big issue, identity and access management, there’s also root cause analysis, and fraud detection is huge. »

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