How Myria’s Ethereum L2 Scaling Solution Uses Zero-Knowledge Technology to Support Blockchain Professionals

As blockchain gaming evolves, Myria has proven to be a great platform to enhance its capabilities. Decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 combines a gaming platform with apps and tools and provides the scaling infrastructure needed to bring blockchain gaming to life.

Whether you are an established crypto business or just exploring new possibilities in the space, Myria has a solution for everyone. Three ways Myria proves to be a great option for blockchain professionals:

1) It is a secure and scalable platform

2) It is safely programmable

3) It is open to all and allows entry without permission.

Brilliantly designed for growth and security, Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses zero-knowledge technology (zk-STARK) to “stack” or aggregate thousands of L2 transactions into a single transaction.

This then sends the proof of validity back to the main blockchain, keeping L1 Ethereum secure. Myria’s STARK-based zkrollup solution enables NFTs and dApps to achieve unlimited scale and low transaction fees without sacrificing security. It’s amazing ! Is not it?

The platform was founded by leading gaming and blockchain industry veterans. Additionally, an all-star team of over 100 people came together to build it with a shared vision of revolutionizing gaming with blockchain technology.

The Myria team believes in open and fair access, which means enabling as many people as possible to build, experiment with, and enjoy the benefits of blockchain and the metaverse. It facilitates digital asset trading and blockchain gaming with an all-in-one platform.

“We see Myria becoming the largest blockchain gaming ecosystem in the world. We are building an open, permissionless platform with easy-to-use developer tools (API and SDK) that will allow anyone to connect to our infrastructure and build on our platform. Our goal is to bring blockchain gaming to the masses,” the platform’s official statement reads.

With so many offerings, we have absolutely no doubt that Myria will make a huge contribution to revolutionizing blockchain technology.

Donald E. Patel