How to Create a Telegram Bot Without Any Coding Knowledge

telegram messenger is quite popular, more so than you might think. It is still not at the same level as WhatsApp as it only gathers 550 million monthly users and 55 million daily users consistently. Now one of the best features of Telegram is the ability to use robots to improve the service.

What are bots?

OK, so the bots in Telegram are basically glorified third-party chat apps that in many cases can improve the service significantly. For example, if you are a regular Trello user, it is possible to take advantage of the Trello Bot to create new cards for a specific board via Telegram itself.

How to create a Telegram bot?

Creating a bot is not difficult, although it all depends on the nature of the bot. You’ll likely need some coding experience to get the job done if you’re looking to build advanced bots.

  1. Open the Telegram app on your computer
  2. Login to BotFather
  3. Select the New Robot option
  4. Give your bot a name
  5. Choose a username for your bot
  6. Congratulations your bot is now created

1]Open the Telegram app on your computer

The first thing you need to do here is launch Telegram if it hasn’t already been opened. You should find the icon on the desktop or in the Start menu. Depending on your settings, you may need to add a password to access your account.

2]Login to BotFather

So the next step is to connect directly to BotFather. To do this, click in the search field in the upper left corner of Telegram. Once you’ve done that, search for BotFather and select it from the menu. To sign in, tap the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

3]Select the New Robot option

After clicking on the To start up button, you should now see a wall of text with a list of commands you can use. The only command that makes sense at the moment is /newbotso go ahead and select it.

4]Name your bot

BotFather will now ask you to name your new bot. To do this, simply type the name in the message box and then press the Enter key.

5]Choose a username for your bot

Adding a name to your bot is one thing, but now you need to add a username. To do this, type the name in the text box and press Enter. Keep in mind that for the username to be registered, it must end with the word bot. For example, TWCbot or TWC_bot.

6]Congratulations your bot is now created

After creating your bot username, BotFather will provide a unique token to access the HTTP API. Copy the token and keep it in a safe place, as you will need it in the future.

What can you do with robots?

You can create a bot designed to accept payments from Telegram users or integrate services with Telegram as we highlighted above. Not only that, but you can use a bot to create single-player or multiplayer games in HTML5, among other things.

What is BotFather?

If you’re a developer who’s tried Telegram in the past, you’ve definitely heard of BotFather. From what we understand, BotFather is the one bot that rules them all. You will need to go through this in order to create new bots and modify the settings of existing ones.

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Donald E. Patel