Integrated study needed to link ancient India’s scientific knowledge and modern technology: Governor

Researchers should link the scientific knowledge of ancient India, especially in the field of medicine, and the modern technology available now to create credible solutions to health and other scientific problems, Governor RN Ravi said.

Speaking at the 28th convocation of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University here on Wednesday, Mr Ravi said ancient Indians through their experience could grasp scientific ideas especially in medicine to find cures. With the treatments and medicines available 3,000 years ago, people’s lifespans exceeded 100 years. However, the advent of modern science has diverted attention to a different direction, leaving behind the knowledge of ancient India untapped.

Therefore, an integrated approach was needed to link the scientific knowledge of ancient India with modern technology to revolutionize scientific inventions, Ravi noted.

He urged teachers to equip students with employable skills required by industry.

The governor, who toured MSU’s solar plant on Tuesday, praised the university’s administration for producing green energy. “It’s great to know that the plant is generating more energy than the MSU’s actual needs,” he said.

Vice Chancellor K. Pitchumani, who highlighted the new facilities added to the labs and new buildings, said MSU purchased a single crystal X-ray diffractometer system with accessories and a BET analyzer with accessories with the grant of ₹ 20 crore sanctioned by the State Government for the benefit of students in university departments and affiliated colleges.

“Additionally, we have placed orders for the purchase of scanning electrochemical probe microscopy, FT–IR Raman coupled confocal microscopy and spectroscopy, multi-channel photo/electrochemical workstation, a microbial identification system and an ultracentrifuge with all accessories and a UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer,” said Dr Pitchumani.

A total of 1,243 candidates received their diploma in person and 1,08,284 candidates in absentia. No less than 204 toppers received their medals from the Governor. Of the 1,039 Ph.D. scholarship holders who graduated, 675 applicants were women.

Thangappan, 73, a retired postgraduate teacher from Pudur near Eethamozhi in Kanniyakumari district, who had done his doctorate. on “Gandhi Philosophy and its Importance in Today’s World”, also received his Diploma from the Governor.

Karthikeyan Department of Higher Education Secretary, MSU Registrar (Head) R. Maruthakutti and Suruliyandi Examination Controller attended.

Donald E. Patel