Knowledge for responsible hoteliers – Hospitality Net World Panel

Sustainability goes far beyond a single company and a success story. Owners who invest in carbon-positive properties should be encouraged to share the concept and feasibility with other businesses, to collectively have a real positive impact on the industry and communities. Hotel owners and operating groups are constantly getting ahead of the research market with their own innovations and smart, practical new ideas on how to integrate sustainability into their practices.

Hospitality companies and businesses should be encouraged to be fully transparent with the public in their sustainable practices, and their corresponding impacts and benefits for the environment, surrounding communities and also all stakeholders. But for them to succeed, they must be informed. Below is a list of sources that help the industry address challenges and share solutions:

Climate change research, sustainability best practices

The online Green Forum ( covers all aspects of sustainability, climate change and a globally transformed sustainable economy, including sustainability data categorized into current trends in the world. industry and climate change topics, country-specific case studies, sustainability regulations, and articles featuring youth-focused innovations.

Sustainable architecture and design innovations

Architectural design and functionality play an important role in a hospitality establishment’s ability to be efficient with truly low, if any, impact on the environment.

The Inhabitat online portal covers sustainability news across various industries, environmental news, climate change emergencies and new sustainable architectural breakthroughs. Inhabitat is a forum for green architecture, design and sustainable living, redefining the methods by which we can reduce our carbon footprint by spreading the latest information on renewable energy and greener building concepts.

Rethinking our initial approach to buildings and hospitality objectives, the Dezeen portal reveals the best innovative sustainable construction projects each year. With research and information on new net positive building concepts, net zero fast food innovations and sustainable mixed-use building concepts, this site also features regular content replacing all building materials, tools and construction concepts. traditional design, by a more sustainable method. These architectural sites provide actionable research on plant-based building materials, sustainable interior design methods, and net positive replacements for building insulation.

From sustainability to ESG

NGOs like The Long Run are reputable options for keeping abreast of ESG-relevant hotel data. The Long Run (TLR), and therefore its members, operates with standards (GER) that have been recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Through memberships, hoteliers can gain access to diverse research and global insights and concepts from private and luxury sustainable properties. TLR focuses on the 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture, Commerce), publishing industry-relevant property information and data with a focus on conservation, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

Donald E. Patel