‘KnowTalks’ organizes a panel discussion entitled ‘Museums: Preserving and transforming knowledge’

United Arab Emirates – The Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) organized a panel discussion titled “Museums: Preserving and Transforming Knowledge” as part of the “KnowTalks” series, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program ( UNDP). The session brought together high-profile personalities, including Manuel Rabaté, Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Stephanie Al Bustani, Program Analyst, UNDP.

The session included a presentation that combined the concept of museology, its origin and evolution, the developments and early stages of Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the importance of technology in advancing the role of museums, giving exhibitions and artifacts more relevance in the present. time.

Rabaté further underlined the importance of museology, as it dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Recognizing its importance, the majority of countries have adopted this concept to preserve history and knowledge and enable the museum to serve as a book that unites and brings together all previous civilizations, as well as serving as a link that connects them all. The concept of museology further demonstrates various civilizational values ​​through several cultural, heritage and historical collections it possesses.

In addition, Rabaté also highlighted the importance of the art museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, which serves as a cultural beacon that unites and sheds light on various diverse cultures, while emphasizing human stories. The structure of the museum is based on Arab architecture and Emirati traditions and incorporates a number of different combinations inspired by the Arab environment and culture.

Rabaté said this year marks the fifth successful year for Louvre Abu Dhabi, since its inception in 2017. Currently, the museum encompasses a multitude of artefacts, art collections and scriptures of great historical, social and cultural importance, which can be traced back to the different communities and cultures that previously prevailed around the world.

He went on to emphasize the integral role of museums in preserving history and knowledge and spreading several values ​​to the community. Currently, museums are also incorporating several cutting-edge technological innovations, as well as the recent rapid advancements underway at the present time. Louvre Abu Dhabi has used and taken advantage of many technologies and innovations, which have particularly helped them during the Covid-19 pandemic, where almost all museums were forced to close during this period. One of the steps the museum has taken to maintain connectivity with the community and provide visitors with the chance to view many of the artifacts and art collections in the museum has been to offer virtual tours.

Rabaté concluded the session by stating that Louvre Abu Dhabi is in the final stages of building a laboratory to examine the materials of works of art, which will play an important role in various studies and research. He further encouraged scientists to use the lab for their research and studies.

The “KnowTalks” series strives to address today’s pressing knowledge issues by highlighting international best practices and experiences. It further postulates solutions to deal with the challenges that hinder the progress and sustainable development of nations.


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Donald E. Patel