Lost Ark Powerpass Guide and How Knowledge Transfer Works

the Lost access to the Lost Ark The system is developer Smilegate’s way of allowing you to experiment with other classes.

Lost Ark locks you into your starting class throughout your time in Arkesia, but the Powerpass lets you quickly level up an alternate character to your main character’s level for absolutely nothing – as long as you meet the requirements.

These passes are limited, but for a price, Knowledge transfer allows you to do almost the same thing.

This page explains what the Powerpass does, how to get a Powerpass and the differences between a Powerpass and a Knowledge Transfer (in short – they are the same – except one costs more time and effort…)

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What does the Powerpass do in Lost Ark?

The Powerpass in Lost Ark allows you to take an alternate character and level them up to level 50 – your main character’s level after completing Vern’s content and unlocking the end game – without completing any story quests.

Instead, you’ll head to the Adventurer’s Path, where Beatrice summarizes the main game’s story and gives you a primer on how your class works. You also receive a set of equipment at Vern levels (level 302) and are free to distribute your skill points as you see fit.

Although the main story quests are completed automatically, you still have access to all side quests.

How to get a Powerpass in Lost Ark

You will automatically get a Powerpass after completing the last main story mission, Ealyn’s Gift. The game sends it to your mailbox – the envelope icon in the upper left of the UI, next to the time display – with a brief explanation of what it is and how to use it.

Exit to the main menu, choose the character you want to boost, and choose the “Power Pass” option next to “Launch” to start the process.

After using this initial Powerpass, you will receive another to use on a second alternate character. For now, these are the only Powerpasses in Lost Ark, and there’s no indication that Smilegate will be adding any more.

The good news is that there are knowledge transfers available…

Lost Ark Powerpass vs Knowledge Transfer Explained

If you run out of Powerpass, know that you can use the Knowledge Transfer Tool to do almost the same thing.

There is no better choice between Powerpass and knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer costs gold and takes time, but it’s also the only way to quickly level alternate characters after using your Powerpasses.

How to Get Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark and Cost of Knowledge Transfer Explained

Knowledge Transfer unlocks when you complete the Vern questline, around the same time you’ll get a Powerpass, but it has a few additional requirements:

  • You need a fortress, which you will still get during the main story.
  • You need to complete Atheline’s quests in the fortress and talk to your personal robot to start researching knowledge transfer technology.
  • After that, you can pay 600 gold to take an alternate character to Vern’s Steps with level 302 gear, though it takes eight hours of “training” in the Training Grounds area, period during which you cannot use this character.

You can also pay more gold to boost your alternate character to higher levels you’ve achieved, including Rohendel and up to Shushire content with the corresponding gear. Transferring knowledge to Shushire levels is a huge investment and costs 2,400 gold.

At launch, you’re limited to nine Knowledge Transfers per account, so keep that in mind when deciding if it’s worth it.

Is the Lost Ark Powerpass cross server?

The last thing you might be wondering is the flexibility of Powerpass. Unfortunately, the Powerpass in Lost Ark does not work between servers. The Lost Ark Powerpass is tied to your roster, or in other words, to every character created under your account on a given server.

If you want to use a Powerpass on another server, you will need to create a new character and complete the main story on that server.

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