May 6 Weekly News Quiz

PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) – How much did you pick up in the news this week? Test your knowledge of the news in this quiz!

A California king snake was found in a barn in Manheim last weekend and rescued by Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary. The organization named the snake Zeebee and said it was most likely an escaped pet. Which of these facts is true about California king snakes: they are venomous; they are from Pennsylvania; they eat other snakes; or are they among the largest snakes in the world?

Members of the Catholic organization TFP gathered outside Northern Secondary School on Monday to show their support for the school board. Meanwhile, another organization said it was preparing a lawsuit against the Northern York County School District. What motivated these two actions?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced this week that Pennsylvanians who used Intuit TurboTax may be eligible for restitution following a settlement. It came after a survey found that Intuit “encouraged consumers to pay for TurboTax products that were available for free.” How much was the settlement?

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Harrisburg officials say they are cracking down on the illegal operation of ATVs and dirt bikes in the city, pointing out that people who engage in these activities put themselves and others at risk. What technology do they say they will use to help catch those who illegally ride bicycles and ATVs?

The body of Army Pvt. Walter G. Wildman, who lived in Bristol, Pennsylvania, is being sent back to Pennsylvania to be buried in Newtown later this month after being declared unsalvageable in December 1951. In what World War II battle did Wildman die? he lost his life?

Donald E. Patel