MENAP-SMI strengthens its commitment to help the region prioritize self-care knowledge and practices

July 22, 2022; Dubai, United Arab Emirates: MENAP-SMI (Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan Self Medication Industry) is building on its ongoing work to create an enriched culture of self-care in the region by commemorating International Self-Care Day on Sunday July 24, 2022. In keeping with the theme of resilience this year, the organization will emphasize the impact of self-care practices on overall well-being and encourage the public to personally engage in specific self-care actions that support a healthier lifestyle .

Every actor in the health sector takes this opportunity to raise awareness about the crucial role of the various self-care remedies that can be made available to everyone. It offers individuals the opportunity to take control of their health, leading to better choices of health care options, cultivating methods of self-healing, and greater value to governments and systems. health in the region.

With the 2022 theme in mind, MENAP-SMI will take this opportunity to learn from the recent COVID-19 pandemic and recommit to supporting global self-care actions. In a collaborative effort, we can amplify our voices and drive real change with the ability to empower every individual to achieve the best health outcomes.

Insufficient attention to the central role of primary health care has slowed down and presented major disruptions to routine care in many countries, according to the WHO. 56% of 28 essential services are reported to have been disrupted in 2020 and 41% were still disrupted at the start of 2021. To support people who are taking charge of their physical and mental health and who are looking for alternative and safer approaches to better care for themselves, MENAP-SMI is building on the successful transition industry observed throughout the pandemic. Greater autonomy over one’s health is made possible by investments, innovations and a cooperative movement, which also reduces the pressure on health professionals in the most effective way.

Self-care practices significantly reduce the numbers that have been documented. The fact that caring for your health and the health of those who care for others is an ongoing commitment highlights the impact of the most recent self-care developments and programs. For better health care in the region, local community initiatives, digital health solutions, and persistent efforts to work with policy makers are fundamental drivers for an improved health care experience. Maintaining knowledge and promoting good mental and physical health habits enriches the framework of health systems as a whole.

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Donald E. Patel