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MIDDLETON, Mass., January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quadrant Knowledge Solutions today announced that it has named MPO as a 2021 Technology Leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Networks (MESCBN) Market.

The SPARK™ matrix from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions for the world Multi-Company Supply Chain Business Networks (MESCBN) includes an in-depth analysis of the global MESCBN market dynamics, key trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of major MESCBN vendors in the form of the SPARK™ Matrix, providing strategic insights for users to assess various vendors’ capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market positions.

A Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Networks (MESCBN) platform provides users with a single, unified network to manage, exchange goods and collaborate with all trading partners and logistics providers at multiple levels of the supply chain in real time . The SaaS-based MESCBN platform provides unified visibility into product creation, organizational risk, and product transaction status. It also helps organizations securely manage data, optimize vendor relationships, accelerate onboarding, manage high-volume transactions, and deliver AI-powered insights to identify disruptions and take action. informed decisions. MESCBN platforms leverage advanced technologies such as AI, ML, NLP, Blockchain, and advanced analytics to optimize and automate end-to-end digital supply chain networks and drive collaboration.

Organizations continue to seek industry-leading supply chain planning and intelligent execution to respond quickly to environmental disruptions. They often lack the combination of agility and flexibility in their supply chain network. It’s crucial for organizations to not only get full visibility of their internal business, but also of the external events that are happening. As supply chain planning has become an important part of organizations execution strategies, understanding supply logistics, multi-level channels and global trade scenarios through internal and external visibility in time real business is now more critical than ever. Given the requirement for effective end-to-end supply chain planning, collaboration with business partners and logistics providers, understanding of overall organizational risk, secure exchange of transactional data and operational, organizations are considering platforms such as Multi-Company Supply Chain Business Networks to streamline and optimize end-to-end supply chain operations within a single business network. Users expect MESCBN platforms to automate day-to-day decisions, minimize inventory waste, maximize turnaround times, intelligently partner with their network to be flexible and adaptable, and streamline a range of business needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the supply chain and manufacturing industry. Organizations struggle to plan, collaborate, and gain visibility in this ever-changing environment. Organizations are facing challenges in managing multi-level operations, inventory, transactions, and operational risks due to the pandemic and subsequent changes in various guidelines. Therefore, many users are looking for a single network platform that can help them communicate, collaborate, design unified plans, manage and monitor operational process and workflows, exchange data with a single source of truth, a multi-system integration and offer a final solution. -End-to-end transparency to mitigate operational risk.

MPO is a SaaS, multi-tenant, mobile-native and AI-powered platform for supply chain orchestration. MPO’s product portfolio includes control tower, supply chain visibility, transportation management, e-commerce fulfillment, digital order management, reverse logistics, spare parts management, network inventory management and supply management. With its comprehensive capabilities, the MPO platform integrates siled data, processes, and parts of the supply chain across various functions including execution, planning, analytics, and finance.

According to Akshaysingh Chandel, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, MPO’s sophisticated supply chain orchestration platform enables the organization to drive value and operational efficiencies through comprehensive functionality including systems unification, enterprise-wide collaboration network, intelligent information and the automation of daily functions with the convergence of planning and execution. The company offers a strong technology value proposition with its key technology differentiators, including a multi-party orchestration, unified cloud and mobile-native platform, customer chain control, continuous real-time planning and execution, multi-level order, inventory and transportation management. “Akshaysingh adds, MPO with its robust product vision and roadmap, continuous AI/ML enhancements, unified and centralized platform approach, and ability to meet dynamic business requirements through its comprehensive functional capabilities received excellent ratings on technology excellence and customer impact metrics, and the company has positioned itself as a technology leader.”

Quote from DFO:

Collaborating with supply chain partners seamlessly, quickly and reliably is no longer a novelty. Enabling supply chain stakeholders to make key decisions requires a deep and broad understanding of the plans and actions of all network participants. By connecting ordering, inventory, logistics and transportation through a continuously optimized “Micro Supply Chain”, MPO’s platform enables many of the world’s largest organizations to optimally balance excellence operational and the execution of orders”

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MPO offers the world’s only natively unified cloud platform for multi-party orchestration. The platform complements existing business systems with visibility and control and optimizes ordering, inventory and transportation across dynamic multi-party networks. MPO helps various brand owners and logistics service providers adapt to the increasing complexity of their global, regional and national supply chains to become more flexible, agile, efficient, compliant and reliable for their customers. For more information, please contact or visit

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