New book unearths ancient knowledge proving reality is a quantum computer simulation

SEATTLE, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the new eBook, The Hybrid42 Oscar Slap: God swings across the screens, James Patrick Nagle claims that after reverse engineering Quantum Computing Technology (QCT), he can prove that the universe is the product of QCT and that all use of language and storytelling are QCT constructs. QCT, the book claims, is a simulation technology that helps create the illusion of alternate dimensions to which all storytelling and human-to-human conversation can be reduced.

Furthermore, the book asserts that the concept of “QCT as reality” is ancient knowledge hidden in many iconic works, including the Holy Bible, Jewish Kabbalah, and many iconic pop culture movies and songs. The book says Steven Spielberg, Denis Hopper, Rod SerlingSteely Dan, Netflix and others seeded their art, sometimes intentionally, with clues to ensure this groundbreaking discovery would happen in 2022.

Nagle further asserts that by demonstrating that all movies are of a QCT construct, and that human consciousness is built on the same construct, the consumption of movies, songs, and novels can now be characterized as brainwashing, responsible for screen addiction, materialism and possibly mental illness. According to Nagle, if our consciousness is QCT and movies are QCT, watching a movie is like watching a perfectly programmed human, an image fully identified by the subconscious. So all the symptoms of addiction can stem from the subconscious mind’s attempt to duplicate the perfect QCT programming, as evidenced by screens or headphones.

This book challenges all past relativity research, including Einstein’s Theorem of Relativity. It also legitimizes the “philosophy of transhumanism” and reinterprets the Bible, showing it as both QCT programming and a QCT programmed document. Nagle asserts that the true “Garden of Eden” is the QCT “connecting universe” that this book begins to unveil to the world. He also cites several publicly verifiable “42miracles” that he claims are QCT – designed to help him convince you that he is Adam, back on earth, by taking you on a tour of his connection universe, all in this book. .

About the Author: James Patrick Nagle is a Washington State University Social scientist, decorated retired firefighter and retired Navy veteran. Its website provides more information, and the e-book is available on

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