NIC Wins US Space Force Satellite Communications Service Provider Registry Prototype Contract

NIC Wins US Space Force Satellite Communications Service Provider Registry Prototype Contract

Press release from: NIC4
Posted: Tuesday May 3rd 2022

NIC4, a subsidiary of Network Innovations, has been awarded a prototype Service Provider Registry (SPR), a component of the Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) of Satellite Communications (SATCOM). This software development effort is intended for the US Space Force (USSF), Space Systems Command (SSC) through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) as an award of an agreement with another transactional authority (OTA). The SPR prototype represents the company’s fourth major award under the EM&C program.

The goal of the SPR prototype is to provide a structured and authoritative catalog of commercial and military SATCOM services that can be assigned to meet Department of Defense (DOD) SATCOM mission requirements. It is an essential part of the EM&C planning element that will combine knowledge of missions, services, terminals and threats for optimal planning and provisioning of DOD terminals for mission operations. The SPR prototype will also capture space and ground segment infrastructure descriptions and parameterization.

The implementation will be developed and delivered as a set of scalable microservices within a stackable and secure cloud architecture. It will be hosted on a platform as a service provided by the government that includes cybersecurity and automated testing as an integral part of the software development and deployment process. This will enable rapid delivery of progressively expanded feature sets within an agile framework.

“The Service Provider Registry prototype is our next step towards achieving our first operational capability for EM&C. It centers around an integrated SATCOM common operating picture with alerts, health and status, and component operational readiness. ground, space and ground, providing SATCOM when and where it is needed around the world,” said Lt. Col. Gary Thompson, chief of SATCOM Capability Integration at Space Systems Command.

“NIC4 is honored to continue to support the USSF in providing highly flexible and resilient SATCOM services to the U.S. military, to ensure our forces continue to benefit from information dominance on the battlefield in the face of new and increasingly difficult areas of conflict,” said Chad Gatlin. , CEO of NIC4.


NIC4 (part of the Network Innovations Group) is a satellite communications integrator focused on providing/supporting systems, helping the US government stay connected anywhere. NIC4 offers communication/connection solutions backed by a team of global industry professionals.

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