Pandemic is accelerating Australian digital transformations, prompting more businesses to seek AWS vendor partners

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have led more Australian businesses to accelerate and scale their digital transformations, driving growing demand for cloud-native computing solutions on hyperscaler platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS ), according to a new research report released today by Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and consulting company.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ AWS Ecosystem Partners report for Australia reveals that organizations are looking for cloud solutions that reduce costs, improve business agility, strengthen security and deliver measurable business results. This growing demand has increased enterprise engagement with service providers that work with AWS.

“Innovative service providers are responding to the enterprise public cloud trend in Australia by expanding and promoting their services and capabilities, while adapting their own businesses to new demands such as remote working,” said Scott Bertsch , Partner and Regional Manager, ISG Asia Pacific. “AWS is playing its part by investing in new tools and services and investing heavily in vendor partnerships.”

Managed service providers (MSPs) have taken on more roles traditionally thought of as systems integrators as more companies migrate to the cloud and adapt to pandemic-related disruptions, the report says. Many MSPs are investing in additional skills, acquiring other vendors, and expanding their roles with AWS.

Digital transformation has made Australian businesses more aware of the amount of business data they can collect and use, and recent disruptions have made the need for data even more urgent, according to ISG. More companies are now looking for advanced data analytics capabilities, including the use of machine learning, and many have adopted AWS as their platform of choice for these functions. Amid the shortage of qualified personnel in this field, companies are turning to service providers for analytical capabilities.

The surge in remote working during the pandemic, along with industry disruptions such as supply chain issues and factory closures and reconfigurations, have increased Australian investment in IoT, according to ISG. In response, service providers quickly aligned their portfolios with market developments, adding complementary services such as IoT analytics.

Many Australian enterprises pursuing their digital transformation are migrating their SAP instances to AWS or implementing entirely new instances on the platform, the report says. The pandemic has only increased the pressure to move workloads to the cloud, and many companies are engaging with SAP migration and management service providers.

The ongoing business disruptions and transformations in Australia have also increased the demand for enterprise IT consulting services covering workload migration, application modernization, workplace transformation, security, governance and other needs, explains ISG. With the increasing use of AWS as a central computing platform, the demand for consulting services from AWS vendor partners is also increasing.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ AWS Ecosystem Partners Report for Australia assesses the capabilities of 38 providers across six quadrants: AWS Managed Services, AWS SAP Workloads, AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning, AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Services, AWS Migration Services, and AWS Consulting Services.

The report names Accenture, Deloitte and TCS as leaders in all six quadrants. He names DXC Technology, Infosys and Versent as leaders in four quadrants each and AC3 and Cognizant as leaders in three quadrants each. HCL and Wipro are named leaders in two quadrants each, and Datacom, Intellify and Telstra Purple are named leaders in one quadrant each.

Additionally, Slalom is named a Rising Star – a company with a “promising portfolio” and “high future potential” as defined by ISG – in two quadrants. CMD, Datacom and Lemongrass are named Rising Stars in one quadrant each.

A customized version of the report is available at CDS.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ AWS Ecosystem Partners Report for Australia is available for subscribers or one-time purchase on this Web page.

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