Reigniting the spark of knowledge seeking in students

In today’s environment, especially in light of the NEP-2020 era, teachers must play a leading role in the holistic development of students.

This involves not only imparting knowledge and skills, but also developing critical and innovative thinking, engaging them in research and popularization activities, providing educational materials using computer tools and above all advise them on their individual educational needs.

A modern teacher must be a friend, a philosopher, a guide, an adviser and a mentor.

Besides teaching, he must coach, guide and advise his students, hold them and steer them towards the right path to seek new knowledge, improve their intellectual capital and motivate them to reach great heights in life.

We must provide a multidisciplinary and holistic education to our students with a view to producing multidimensional and comprehensive individuals endowed with all types of knowledge, abilities, skills and know-how about life, people, places, arts, sciences, languages ​​and technologies.

Apart from capacity building, skill enhancement, attitude formation, promotion of aptitude and competence, motivation and efficiency enhancement, multi-disciplinary education should be provided to develop their character , personality, intellect, physique, positive ideas and outlook and transform them into ethical, rational, compassionate and caring citizens, while preparing them for gainful, rewarding and contributing employment that allows them to leave a rich legacy behind them and pay back to society in some positive form or another.

Donald E. Patel