SAP highlights steps to empower today’s youth during Expo 2020 Dubai Knowledge and Learning theme week

  • SAP will shine a light on the future of learning for all at the high-level session of the RewirEd Summit 2021

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — In line with SAP’s vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, the global technology company hosted an informative panel on “Yesterday Skills Won’t Do the jobs of tomorrow: bridging the digital skills gap with the public-private sector Partnerships. The panel was held at SAP House during Expo 2020 Dubai Knowledge and Learning Theme Week, attended by professionals from the education sector as well as SAP executives.

The panel highlighted SAP’s position as the world’s leading provider of enterprise application software and focused on its mission to support future development leaders – today’s youth. With its ecosystem and academic institutions, SAP strives to bridge the digital skills gap, enabling young people and organizations to overcome digital skills challenges in today’s emerging digital economy.

The thematic week will also see Dr. Karina Edmonds, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Academies and University Alliances, SAP, speak at a high-level panel on the future of learning for all: EdTech and learning equity. Additionally, SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen will host the second edition of SAP Academic Community Conference MENA in collaboration with Zayed University and University Competence Center Magdeburg, where faculty members, instructors and community members Next-Gen Academic and Innovation Center will discuss the future of education, work, technology and sustainability, as well as workshops on the latest technologies from SAP including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics and Industry 4.0.

Commenting on the panel discussion at the 2021 RewirEd Summit, Dr Karina Edmonds said, “SAP is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on quality education and gender equality. in collaboration with university communities to develop digital skills. Our Global University and Next-Gen Alliances Program fosters a community for young people to learn, share and be inspired to meet digital needs to improve people’s lives.”

Part of SAP’s educational programs active in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the SAP Dual Study program, which leverages partnerships with leading universities to enable students to enroll in their program. 6-12 month courses that combine academic academic studies with the opportunity for students to earn SAP certification. This ongoing initiative is supported by 22 SAP Dual Study partner universities in the region, which has so far resulted in a total of 1,850 students trained in the MENA region.

Another initiative is the SAP Young Professionals program, a comprehensive digital skills training for industry that spans 2-3 months and is offered to top university graduates, to provide them with functional and technical knowledge of the latest SAP software with accepted certifications. by companies (globally/regionally) respectively. Participants graduate as SAP Associate Consultants, giving them a much-needed competitive edge in the job market. In the MENA region, this program has created more than 1,700 sustainable employment opportunities with a placement rate of more than 95%.

Commenting on these programs for students, Dr. Safwat Altal, Assistant Professor – Commerce, Faculty of Commerce, Graduate Schools of Technology, said, “These initiatives not only push students further, but open more doors to their future and their provide a competitive advantage in the job market. I applaud the contribution of the private sector, such as SAP initiatives, and appreciate the efforts being made today to build a better future and educate our young people with the skills they will need tomorrow.

Additionally, the SAP Digital Literacy and Workforce Readiness programs have touched over 77,000 lives in MENA and Turkey, while the Ecosystem Builder program has strengthened the capacity of the Change-maker community to thrive in the digital world, especially after the pandemic, reaching 135,000 beneficiaries.

Commenting on these initiatives, Alexandra van der Ploeg, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP, said: “Preparing for the digital future is a global collective action that must be a shared responsibility to inspire and empower the younger generation. Fostering an ecosystem of youth communities and nonprofits across the region, our Ecosystem Builder is another program that aims to build the capacity of young entrepreneurs of change to thrive in an increasingly digital economy and to collaborate for a more resilient MENA ecosystem”.

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Donald E. Patel