Sharon Burke, Jon Powers Appointed Senior Climate and Energy Advisors at Guidehouse; Ed Meehan quoted

Guide has joined two executives experienced in the environment, Sharon Burk and Jon Powersas senior climate and energy advisors.

The consulting firm said Wednesday that Burke and Powers will assist in Guidehouse’s ongoing efforts alongside the U.S. Department of Defense to maintain sustainability procedures and meet energy protocols.

Ed Meehan, a defense segment leader and Guidehouse partner, said the company was “extremely honored” to appoint the two senior executives. He explained that they will be instrumental in meeting the needs of a clientele that is launching a number of large-scale efforts centered on environmental awareness and “positive social impact through their projects and services.”

“We are impatient to [Burke and Powers’] support, deep knowledge, and leadership to advance the solutions we provide to help the DoD advance its mission,” Meehan, who is a past recipient of the Wash100 Pricecontinued.

Burke brings to his new role an in-depth knowledge of climate security, energy security, defense and critical mining topics. She has spent time in the US Congress, as well as the State Department and the Pentagon, including serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy in the Obama administration.

Additionally, Burke founded and serves as president of the environmental research and consulting firm Ecospherics and has overseen civic organizations such as the Center for a New American Security. Among the primary goals of his work are finding a way to serve both national security and environmental sustainability concerns and how best to create lasting change in these areas through political action.

Powers’ skills lie in clean energy, in addition to sustainability and national security, which aligns him with Burke. He also worked in the Obama administration as Federal Director of Sustainable Development responsible for climate, renewable energy and sustainable development practices for the government.

Additionally, Powers served in the U.S. Army in Iraq and served as Special Energy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of the Army, pushing for innovation in the branch’s energy approach. In 2015, he created CleanCapital, a clean energy investment platform, where he currently works as President and Chief Business Development Officer.

Newly appointed Senior Climate and Energy Advisors are set to assist Guidehouse in helping clients adapt their procedures and services to recent legislation such as the Executive Order Climate Adaptation Plans issued in October 2021.

Donald E. Patel