Skillshare app review – A treasure trove of knowledge

More often than not, it happens that we like one type of art like photography, drawing or something else, but we don’t get results as good as the others. And for that, someone’s advice can do wonders. Because, to draw a perfect image, there are tricks to adopt for a perfect texture, shape, and more.

Now, for the same, Skillshare courses come into the picture. The Skillshare app is a treasure trove of creative lessons for many skills. You can find the right one for your hobby and pursue it to improve your skills.

Well, we are discussing more in detail Skillshare app review, so that you can understand why it is a good choice to use Skillshare. Apart from reviewing Skillshare, we will also evaluate it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Skillshare Online Application – Introduction and History

This American company started its journey in 2010. Skillshare free app is headquartered in New York, New York. Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong launched the free Skillshare Skillshare courses as a website in April 2011.

Since then, Skillshare has established a network of 27,000 premium courses and 2,000 free courses by 2019. These courses are of different natures like art, business, history, filmography, and fashion among others. In short, downloading the Skillshare app opens the door to a world where you can learn many skills and hobbies.

Skillshare Online Application Features

To find the answer to the question, is Skillshare worth it? We will review its features in depth and discuss its pros and cons in more detail.

1. Over 2,000 Free Courses

Skillshare online app

The Skillshare app offers free courses for almost anyone, whether it’s a writer, photographer, or painter. The app includes videos and downloadable content for users to learn.

2. Try projects to learn better

Skillshare online app

For each course, there are projects included in this Skillshare online app which you can unlock after downloading Skillshare and trying courses. These projects are included with paid and free courses, both.

3. Download offline learning content

Skillshare online app

Downloading the Skillshare app ends the limitation of having internet all the time for studying. You can always download the learning content you want to use and save it offline. It will allow you to study from anywhere and anytime.

4. 30 Day Free Trial

The app developed by one of the best app development company comes with a 30-day free trial from Skillshare. You can use this trial to enjoy all kinds of learning content you want. However, if you do not delete or cancel the trial before the renewal date, the amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

Is Skillshare worth it? – Advantages and disadvantages

To find out if the Skillshare app is really worth it, we will include some crucial pros and cons in this Skillshare review.

Benefits if you download Skillshare

  • Free try
  • Huge library of learning content
  • Skills sharing certificates
  • Usable offline

Disadvantages of using Skillshare courses

  • Expensive
  • A limited number of free lessons

Additional information for the Skillshare Certificates application

Further information

FOU Ranking

Characteristics– 4.7
user interface– 4.5
Security– 4.6
Navigation– 4.5

To conclude, this Skillshare app review has given us some insight into whether Skillshare is worth it? with its factual data like features, ratings, etc. Now, if you’re reading this app for inspiration for your next app, you can also have your app reviewed once it’s developed. This will give your mobile app a great marketing opportunity. Additionally, MobileAppDaily’s experts will also let you know if your mobile app has the potential to improve.

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