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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~ March 21, 2022 (LSNews) Teleco, a leading Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP), today announced that it has been selected to participate in an exclusive, invitation-only event for service leaders and technology futurists. technologies managed. CEOs from across the United States and Canada will gather in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2-5 at Doubletree Paradise Valley to discuss trends, insights, and developments in cutting-edge technologies and their impact on business. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over the next few years.

The event is organized by Technology Assurance Group (TAG), which is an association of independent MTSPs who collectively represent over $800 million in products and services. The selected companies are all experts in IT, data-driven technology, cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and will share their best practices with each other to realize their intention to find the most innovative ways to serve. their customers, especially on a large scale. .

Teleco will provide their perspective on technologies such as Microsoft Azure, AI, cybersecurity and cloud. The theme of the event is “Scaling Up”, which is vital for every SME that wants to expand its market reach. With exciting technologies, like AI and cloud technology, being deployed in different industries, every business owner is faced with this same question: “How can I take advantage of all these amazing technological tools to take my business to the higher level ?” Teleco intends to share what has worked best for its customer base in terms of ‘scaling’, as well as harnessing the collective mind of the top IT experts present.

“We are delighted to have Teleco contributing its valuable knowledge, expertise and insights, particularly due to its unique approach to exceeding customer expectations every day. Everything they do is customer-focused, and their dedication to accessing knowledge before their competitors in the name of serving their customers on an even deeper level is something every MTSP should do,” commented Brian Suerth, President of TAG .

AI will be a key discussion during the event and how this disruptive technology will change everything we know about technology, people, communication, information, analytics, customer value and profitability, across sectors. MTSPs must be on the cutting edge and possess a sophisticated understanding of this particular technology, due to the scale at which it will impact businesses worldwide.

We make it a priority to contribute to our peers in the industry so that we can all serve SMEs at a higher level,” said Penny Belluz, COO of Teleco. “At the TAG convention, we always come away flooded with new ideas, mindsets and approaches, which allow our customers to stay ahead of their competition, so that they can benefit from our research and advice.”

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TELECO is a local technology company committed to providing specialized solutions (on-site PBX, VoIP, hosted and SIP services, managed IT services) and products since 1985.
Today, TELECO designs, installs and maintains all major technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, including on-premises PBX phone systems, VoIP, hosted and SIP services, video conferencing, managed IT services, surveillance security, point-to-point network solutions and structured data. Wiring. It also includes aerial paging systems, point-to-point wireless applications,

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