The Knowledge Society (TKS) celebrates its students who have obtained internships at NASA and SpaceX

The Global Innovation Program has successfully helped three of its students gain acceptance into prestigious NASA and SpaceX internships.

NASA offers an ultra-competitive internship for high schoolers that only accepts 5% of applicants at any given time and SpaceX is no different. However, The Knowledge Society (TKS) was able to prove that getting its students into NASA and SpaceX is not rocket science at all. The Global Innovation Program celebrates three of its students who recently secured internships at the two space institutions.

Melanie Aguirre, a 17-year-old Colombian who lives in New York, is a high school student at TKS who got an internship at NASA. According to her, “I discovered the NASA SEES internship via Linkedin, and I submitted an application directly. I applied for the virtual internship, and 25% out of 800 were accepted. My internship starts on July 1st, and I will work in the meteorite team. The internship will last one month, and I will present my work during a virtual symposium which will last 3 days.

She further explains how the TKS technical program for high school students has helped her. “I would like to especially thank TKS. I started a focus on space technologies and throughout my process I was able to learn more and develop this interest. Thanks to TKS, I am part of a small opportunity called “Velocity”. It is a program with certain requirements under the promise that we will multiply by 10 and exceed our current limits. I can say with great certainty that participating in Velocity has allowed me to grow in as a person and to have more confidence in myself.

Valkyrie Holmes, an 18-year-old TKS alumnus from Las Vegas who got an internship at SpaceX, shares her story. “I found the internship last summer when I was looking for some cool tech opportunities with cool companies and found that SpaceX was offering summer internships with no real requirements other than being enrolled in a university and become an engineer. The internship starts around June 27 and lasts three months. I will be working as an associate avionics engineer on Falcon 9 but that is subject to change! I hope to learn a ton of interesting techniques for CAD modeling, adapting to new software and building/preparing circuits for spacecraft.

For Neha Shukla, a 17-year-old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, her NASA internship is a huge stepping stone to realizing her STEM dreams. “I first heard about the STEM Enhancement in Earth Sciences (or NASA SEES) internship when I was browsing the NASA website, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion for STEM and create a tangible impact on my community I was selected from over 800 applicants for the competitive internship with less than 10% accepted I will have the opportunity to join NASA scientists and engineers this summer in Austin, Texas to work on exciting projects on site and even gain privileged access to the Johnson Space Center in Houston!

Neha continues, “Through the support and mentorship of TKS, I was able to find my passion for STEM and realize that my love for helping the community can translate into careers in science and technology. Being part of the knowledge society, I discovered the possibilities of creating impact using science and technology, understanding that anyone can be an innovator. »

About the Knowledge Society (TKS)

TKS is a stem program for high school students who have ever wondered “how to get an internship at NASA”, “how to get a job at SpaceX” or “how to become an astronaut”. The 10-month program was “developed with CEOs and global leaders, modeled on the curricula of Stanford, Harvard and MIT, and is designed to replicate the learning environment and culture of Silicon Valley “.

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