The military should be equipped with technological knowledge for cyber warfare

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe pointed out that in the future wars could occur not only on land, in the air and at sea, but also in cyberspace, adding that the Sri Lankan military should be equipped knowledge necessary to face such a technological war.

Emphasizing that discipline, training and knowledge are needed to create a successful army, the President said on Thursday (25) that Sir John Kotalawala Defense University already fulfills all these requirements.

The President made the comments while attending a ceremony to present the Presidential Colors and University Colors to General Sir John Kotalawala Defense University.

“Today, Sir John Kotalawala Defense University has achieved great acclaim at home and abroad. Your potential as a defense university has been proven. This university is of tremendous importance. If an army is led by its commander, this army depends on his command. And this army needs discipline. An army cannot advance without discipline. An army can only advance with proper discipline.
However, an army cannot be led by discipline alone. Training is necessary along with discipline. An army does not succeed simply because it is disciplined and trained. This army must have knowledge. He must have military knowledge and local knowledge. Success comes with this knowledge. Leaders here receive discipline, training and knowledge. From there, the army gives command to its own battalions and other divisions. Some become military commanders. Others will work in different sectors equipped with this diploma”, declared the president, according to the site of the Ministry of Defense.

The President said that it was thanks to General Sir John Kotalawala that it was possible to create the KDU.

“At the time, some wondered why we needed such a university since there was no war. However, a few years later, we had to face a war. Thus, this university developed from the beginning thanks to Sir John Kotalawala who donated these premises and General Derrick Perera, a founding member of this university. This university has gained local and international fame. Many of the valiant military were products of the KDU. Therefore, we must protect this university. I also urge you to produce more capable officers for our security forces from this university,” he added.

The president said such universities are necessary for a country, adding that when KDU was established, there were not many defense universities in the world.

“I looked at the subjects that are taught at this university and they are very good subjects. There are also many excellent lecturers in this university. It is a hidden university. Many people don’t know the value of this. But this university is not only limited to the forces. Civilian students are recruited there. It is very good. Many have had the opportunity to continue their studies.
Therefore, I do not agree with the criticisms made of this university,” he noted, according to a Defense Ministry statement.

The president also noted that KDU is not the only university that deals with the development of military officers. “Not only this university, but also a staff college has been established to provide training for military officers. All of these institutions are necessary for our defense education. We must protect all these institutions. The world is changing and in the future we will not see the kind of war that we have seen in the past. New technologies, new knowledge are developing.

Above all, warfare is not limited to land, air and sea. Cybertechnology is also developing. In addition, climate change must be taken into consideration when engaging in your duties. This knowledge is what you need. So I wish you all who receive these colors today, the best,” said President Wickremesinghe.

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