The wandering village: where to find knowledge

Knowledge is an essential resource for progressing through The wandering villagethe tech tree to unlock tools that will help you and Onbu survive the toxic atmosphere and limited resources.

There are several ways to find knowledge. The first and most stable is to send recovery teams to shrines, a strategic map location that can grant you bonus resources that you may not find on the Onbu. These will always grant you a knowledge point.

Knowledge will be required to unlock technologies related to advanced resources, as well as special buildings related to the Onbu. For example, the Windmill makes flour and then the Bakery makes bread at all costs research knowledge, because bread has an advanced processing chain.

The second, less reliable method is to hope an event in forests, settlements, ruined settlements or mines which can give knowledge as a reward in one of the dilemma choices. Unfortunately, you won’t know what reward you get for each event until you play the game a few times, so luck reigns supreme here.

Knowledge looks like a gear symbol and you can check the cost of knowledge for a particular technology in the research menu.

The Wandering Village is available on PC.

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Donald E. Patel