Think Research-Led Clients sends over 300,000 referrals in 2021

TORONTO, February 23, 2022 /CNW/ – Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) or (the “Company” or “Think”), a company focused on transforming healthcare through digital health software solutions, announced today that it has more than 300,000 digital references thanks to its partnership with the Ontario eServices and Cognisant® program.

Digital referrals eliminate the need for outdated fax machines, reduce wait times, reduce errors, and improve patient care by enabling healthcare providers to send and receive referrals electronically. Electronic references facilitate referral of patients to specialists by primary care physicians, which speeds up access to care.

The Think Research Consortium which includes Cognisant® and the Efficient Practice Centerprovides technology, services and support to Ontario Electronic Services Program. The consortium, launched in 2017, has seen the number of digital references processed through the Ontario eServices program will grow to 150,000 by July 2020 then jumped to over 250,000 per February 2021. This provincial program has grown rapidly across the province and is responsible for the vast majority of the 300,000 electronic referrals processed by Think customers in 2021.

Sachin AggarwalCEO of Think Research said, “We are proud of the enduring work we are doing with our partners to digitize referrals and make it easier for Canadians to access the suppliers they need.

Additional benefits of Ontario The eServices program includes automated alerts that keep patients informed of the status of their eReferral and allow them to confirm appointments electronically, saving staff time and helping to reduce no-shows. Additionally, a real-time split view of the referral allows eReferral senders and recipients to easily see the status of a referral at any time and send secure messages back and forth when needed.

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Think Research Corporation is an industry leader in providing knowledge-based digital health software solutions. The company’s mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone receives the best care. Its evidence-based healthcare technology solutions support the clinical decision-making process, standardize care and improve patient outcomes. For more than a decade, Think’s cloud-based, EMR-independent digital tools have enabled clinicians around the world to positively impact millions of patients across the continuum of care, including primary medical care, acute care hospitals and operating theatres, as well as the community and the elderly. care. Think is proud to serve as a trusted healthcare system partner for a rapidly growing global customer base that spans five continents in more than 13,000 healthcare facilities, with a clinical audience of more than 300,000 physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

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