Upland Software launches dynamic tool to extend knowledge programs

Upland Software, Inc. launches RightAnswers X, a browser extension that powers the RightAnswers connected knowledge experience, unlocking the ability to deliver knowledge to every corner of the enterprise through centralized AI-powered search.

“Companies are seeing a dramatic increase in the need to expand their knowledge management programs. The ability to deliver knowledge to all corners of the business is critical to improving the daily lives of knowledge users and fostering enterprise knowledge cultures,” said Keith Berg, general manager of contact center solutions at ‘Upland, “RightAnswers X enables users to seamlessly extend their knowledge programs by eliminating the need for costly and resource-intensive onboarding efforts, putting knowledge where employees need it.”

RightAnswers X breaks down the silos that traditional knowledge management programs have created, according to the vendor.

RightAnswers’ latest feature enables companies to move away from the traditional centralized knowledge approach of limiting knowledge to a handful of applications.

With RightAnswers X, customers can encourage their experts to contribute and gain knowledge wherever their browser takes them, according to the company.

RightAnswers X features include:

  • Simplified setup makes knowledge sharing as easy as installing an extension and activating out-of-the-box configurations to activate RightAnswers X in the required browser-based application or website.
  • Capturing knowledge in the app is made easy when you find information that needs to be added to the knowledge base, just highlight the text and start creating an article in seconds.
  • Extensive integration capabilities allow customer service teams, service centers, human resources and other operational teams to integrate directly into their day-to-day tools, ensuring the right response gets to the right person at the right time Everytime.
  • Centralized AI-powered search allows users to search all content sources and return results in a single view.

RightAnswers X is available now to current RightAnswers customers.

For more information on this news, visit www.uplandsoftware.com.

Donald E. Patel