we are sicker, more tired, more disconnected than ever

“It is with intention that we launched our first Global Health Study on World Health Day, a day dedicated to bringing attention to global health issues,” said Peter Rooney, Managing Director of MRM for Health. “Our study examines the causes and consequences of living in a world where healing has become separated from healthcare, and speaks to the opportunity for brands to help bridge this divide by fostering new positive behaviors in relationships. healthcare – the kind that benefits everyone.”

The study embodies MRM for Health’s mission to “decode the science of relationships to advance health for all.” As the new global healthcare center of excellence for the MRM Network, MRM for Health builds on the agency’s 25-year heritage in healthcare and its rich history in data to partner with healthcare brands to impact, improve and evolve relationships across the healthcare spectrum.

Analyzing the world of health from both a structural and a societal perspective, the study details five key truths underlying our frayed relationship with health:

Truth 01 – The Great Recession in “Healthcare Trust” From patients to providers, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growing mistrust of the healthcare system, driving a credibility deficit at the worst possible time.

Truth 02 – The postal code: a better predictor of health than the genetic code With up to 60% of health governed by where we live, the social determinants of health play an important, perhaps the most important, role in predicting overall well-being.

Truth 03 – We have never felt more vulnerable Our renewed interest in health has led people to an increased sense of vulnerability for themselves and their loved ones, with the volume of research around the world on stress, mental health and related topics nearly doubling between 2019 and 2020. – before doubling (and beyond) in the next 12 months.

Truth 04 – People are recalibrating their health behaviors From a general search for greater well-being to The Great Resignation, there is a deep urgency to find a balance, but also an uncertainty as to how to achieve it, which leads to both new behaviors and additional stresses.

Truth 05 – Data technology and the delivery of care are widening the gaps As the power to track body temperature, sleep cycles, blood sugar and other vital signs is increasingly in our hands, there is a delta between what data patients may perceive as useful and how healthcare providers can realistically apply the information collected.

The complete study and the executive summary are available on request. More information can be found HERE

About MRM for Health

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