Wordle’s Movie Clone, Framed, Uses Stills To Test His Movie Knowledge

Framed is another Wordle-style game, but this time players are challenged to guess the correct movie based on a still image from the movie.

framedanother one wordle-inspired game play, tests players’ knowledge of movies by showing still images for players to identify, testing their knowledge of movies. wordle became an internet sensation earlier this year, so much so that wordle was acquired by The New York Times. wordleCreator Josh Wardle originally released the game to be free and ad-free, something many fans feared they would lose with its acquisition by the newspaper brand.

wordleThe success of has also spawned a plethora of similar games that range from an exact copy of the gameplay, intended to generate advertising revenue, to true modifications of the concept of the original game intended to offer an interesting twist that allows players to enjoy wordle in a new way. These clones include games like Quarrel which uses the same basic idea but pits players against each other in battle royale-style PvP, rather than having players solve the puzzles solo. Other wordle duplicates are almost exactly the same as the base game in function, but focus on a specific topic such as geography or the Lord of the Ringsand there is even a Magic: The Gathering-inspired wordle. Many of these clones follow in the footsteps of Wardle’s creation and are ad-free and free.


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One of the last wordle copiers is framed (Going through RockPaperShotgun), a movie-inspired modification of wordle‘s concept that offers a challenge so different from what the original does that it extends what can rightly be called a clone. Players are given a single still image from a movie, which must be used to determine which movie it came from. Each incorrect guess reveals another still frame from the movie, adding compound information until the answer is revealed. Only one film is uploaded each day as tradition dictates wordle-love.

Framed is a movie word

framed is fundamentally different from wordle in many ways, but perhaps the most glaring way is that it ultimately feels like a different genre. wordle is obviously a puzzle game, but its latest duplicate is more like a trivia game. Rather than testing the player’s ability to solve a puzzle based on gradually revealed information, framed is more of a memory test, gradually offering more and more clues until the correct answer is finally exposed.

The quality of a wordle The clone can be calculated with several metrics, but the similarity or dissimilarity to the original as a factor should not be considered against the actual enjoyment of the game itself. Although framed is very different from the game it’s loosely based on, it’s a worthwhile game on its own, and all the more interesting to play for it. It won’t necessarily erase the itch for words someone might have in the meantime before a new wordle puzzle is out, but it offers a version of the game that will appeal to those who love drama more than linguistics.

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Source: Framed (via RockPaperShotgun)

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