World Government Summit 2022: Knowledge economy key to empowering governments, says Kuwaiti PM in Dubai

He added, “Governments have major challenges such as climate change, lack of water, geopolitical conflicts, poverty, health and economic crises.” In response, the world needs a united front to tackle challenges and turn them into opportunities to improve people’s lives, the Prime Minister said.

“Enabling technology and expansion into sustainable cities and clean energy will help people lead better lives.” He said that despite environmental warnings, some countries are still heavily consuming their current resources.

Sheikh Sabah said Kuwait had pledged at the COP summit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement. “Kuwait has a package of economic projects and sustainable plans at the national level. Kuwait has adopted plans to diversify energy resources and reduce emissions by 2030,” Al Sabah added.

He said the challenges encouraged governments to put in place proactive plans to develop societies. “The use of technology and digital solutions will improve and develop the business environment and economic, social and environmental structures.”

He added that Kuwait has focused on developing a roadmap to restructure the government in line with digital transformation. The country has launched the National Knowledge Economy Center to build the knowledge economy in line with the National Vision 2031.

Donald E. Patel